APRS Trackers

When flying or driving on some trips I do like to carry an APRS Tracker with me to share my location. In the past I primarily used a Kenwood TH-D7, but at this point that is quite a large and older radio and still requires an external GPS unit. I’ve also had an RTrack and you can read about that and past APRS discussions over here.

A lot of new options have come out over recent years, and there are some that are quite small for high altitude balloon flights, etc. I’m primarily looking for an all self-contained unit (GPS, transmitter, battery, antenna) that I could just suction cup to a window and flip a switch to turn it on. Of course I’d use external antennas on occasion, but in a plane for example, a small whip is typically fine.

Here is a rough list of some of the options available: