My position via APRS online

Easiest ways to find me are the following:

And the playing continues…

Playing with the radio continues! Last week Ellen (KI6FEB) and Mark (KI6FEA) both passed their technician exams, I hoped they might take the test but I really never believed hey would! Following their successful completion of the exam we went to a class for new hams about emergency communications put together by the Southern Peninsula Emergency Communication System. Both of them found it very helpful, as did I! Continue reading

Okay, so I caved in…

Kenwood TH-D7EA typical first blog comment… “I doubt I’ll post much… but I might as well get one started…”

Last night was fun, got my radio in the mail in the morning, got the GPS, played with it at lunch while eating with Ellen, then last night finally got the two to talk to each other and broadcast my position via APRS… sure, I only got one packet to connect, but at least I could see myself on the map! For now, this is one address to quickly see what I’ve been up to:

Garmin GPS III+